Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Frugality is Not Always Worth the Money

There are times that it pays to be frugal--cereal, clothing, cleaning supplies, etc. And then there are some times that the money is NOT worth it. There are several items that I will NOT buy generic--saltine crackers (I love my brand), peanut butter, chocolate milk, and others. I buy quality that I will not sacrifice on classic pieces of clothing and buy cheaper accessories or little tops that are trendy.

There are times, though, that being frugal can compromise your well-being. That's think you're being smart by not paying big bucks until you realize that those big bucks were worth the cost. One of those items? Sunglasses.
I thought that this would be an appropriate topic since summer is here (it's in the mid-nineties here in the lovely city of Savannah, GA). Please do NOT buy the dollar store sunglasses for you or your kids. I know--kids break things. However, you really do not need to sacrifice their vision for your quest for cheapness. That's right--buying dollar store sunglasses is not frugal, it's cheap. That's because tinted glass (or plastic actually) does nothing to protect your eyes. It might make you feel better because the sun is not so bright anymore, but unless your specs are rated as UVA/UVB protection, you are not actually protecting yourself from anything, so GO BUY SOME REAL SUNGLASSES! If you take care of them, you will get your money's worth. I purchased a pair of RayBans about 10 years ago. I still wear them. That means that the quality eyewear that I paid over $120.00 for have served their purpose and I have gotten my money's worth while saving my vision.

As for kids...this is what we bought for Patrick. They are UVA/UVB rated and are incredibly (and awesomely) flexible as well as scratch-resistant. No lenses pop out. No tint peels off. No legs break off. And it is healthy.

Seriously...don't compromise on the wrong things.

Buying expensive stuff works for me...sometimes...when it's important.

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  1. I am wondering how on earth you kept a pair of sunglasses for 10 years! I have four boys and I can't seem to kee a pair for more than a couple weeks...

  2. Brooke--
    If you pay that much for sunglasses, you tend to be a lot more aware of where they are at all times. =)

  3. Those kids sunglasses are too cute! And not terribly expensive, either! Good idea!