Sunday, June 8, 2008

10 Awesome Father’s Day Ideas - Part 4 of 5

In this fourth installment of Awesome Father's Day Ideas, we will review some more typical dad-type items that are certain to get him excited.

7.) Sports:
What man doesn't like sports of some type. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, NASCAR, golf, hockey...why they even call bowling a sport (no doubt it takes skill, but "sport" might be stretching it here). Growing up, my dad watched whatever was on. His first choice was Atlanta Braves' games, but anything that was on would do.

--Ultimate Gifts: Tickets to major sporting events, golf school packages, Richard Petty Driving Experience (mentioned under hobbies as well--I warned you of some overlapping), a sporting package from your cable or satellite company, a man's-man recliner to watch his favorite events (some have coolers and remote storage built in and you can even get one in team colors!), serious collectors items, or lessons with a tennis or golf pro!

--Gifts with a Savings: There are ways of getting him up close and personal to the real thing while only having to pay for lodging, like volunteering him at Disney's Wide World of Sports--he'll still see the events and maybe get to rub elbows with celebrities! And a good cause will benefit from his work. You can even buy sports edibles and beer brewing kits affordably! Of course, there is always the fathead option if you don't mind these things on your walls or collectibles from his favorite team or college (google those specifically). Also, he might appreciate folding chairs (with cup holders, you know) and ponchos for tailgating! Look into any minor-league or local sports teams' schedules and buy tickets.

--Frugal Fan: Take dad for his own day or sports. Ride bike trails, take advantage of some golf courses being free or discounted on certain days/times (maybe you could arrange this with his boss without his knowledge?), take him to a sports' museum, spend a day at the park playing baseball, basketball, Frisbee, or whatever tickles his fancy! Take pictures and make him the all-star or the day. Have the kids make sports ball key chains, baseball frames, a golf business card holder, a billiards clock, a sports pencil holder, a baseball cap organizer, a baseball plaque, a can holder, foam crafts, or dough crafts - including magnets. Here's a homemade baseball themed card as well.

8.) ______ of the Month Club
If there is something your guy really, really loves, why not let the gift giving continue throughout the year.

--Most Out of Pocket: You can opt for any of-the-month club that would satisfy him. There is almost something for EVERYONE! You can choose from chocolates, cigars, wines, cheeses, neckties, salsas, hot sauces, BBQ sauce, coffee, pizza, beer, movies, or even a variety club where the gifts swap up. Visit any of these sites for help: Club Offers, Amazing Clubs, Awesome Clubs, or Sports Gifts or the Month helps.

--Least out of Pocket: Create your own. Wife may want to create her own (no links here...this is a family-friendly site, people!), but anyone can give a Chore Book, or you can even give him a get-out-of-chores-free cards that exempt him from a chore at the time of asking. You can make these expire within 24-hours, "when the game is off," "never" (really would not suggest this one), or "this weekend." Maybe you could give him coupons for breakfast-in-bed-of-the-month, kid-free-day-of-the-month or date-out-with-wifey-of-the-month ( both win here!). Whatever he would creative.

So tomorrow we will cover the last two gifts and some wrapping ideas. Come back to join us for the final post of this series!

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  1. My father loves sports… got a sporting gift from Identity Direct for my father.