Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No More Funky Towels!

WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAYS really works for me! However, that is not my entry for this week. I just want you all to know that I'm doing my happy dance because I tried out a tip I found on here last week and it worked! Since this solved a real problem that our family encountered, I definitely think it is worth mentioning again.
Last week, I learned a tip from The Diaper Diaries on how to take the funky smell out of towels. We had this problem for a long time and nothing was working. The towels just had a musty smell that became much more obvious when wet and it never seemed to go away. I tried bleach, air drying, different detergents and everything I could think of (except fabric softener--don't ever use fabric softener on your towels). However, I learned at The Diaper Diaries to put vinegar in our laundry. So over the weekend, I got a reminder of just how many towels we own (really, I had no idea) and washed ALL of them--even the ones that I was not certain would smell once they got wet. It increased my laundry this weekend by 4 loads--and that's using a high capacity washer! Why do 2 adults and a toddler need that many towels?! Anyway, so I bleached and vinegared (that's a new word...I'm submitting it to the dictionary people) my white towels and used vinegar and detergent with my colored towels. Guess what? They all came out fresh! They don't even smell like vinegar!

And to put it to a true test, I put out two towels for hubby and me to use that I knew once carried that dreaded funk. They have been used several times this week and no smell has returned! Hooray!

The Diaper Diaries suggested using a cup of vinegar. Frankly, I have no idea how much I added because I didn't measure it. I don't think it was nearly a cup though, but it still worked. I am so excited.

And to boot, I straightened up my linen storage areas in the two baths as a result!

Thanks What Works for Me and The Diaper Diaries! Go visit Rocks in My Dryer and find a few things that work for you too!


  1. Vinegar rocks! Also great if your little one has a stinky accident in synthetic clothing. Very hard to get the odor out, but vinegar comes to the rescue.

  2. I'm so excited to try this! Like you, I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the "funky" smell from our towels. The smell drives my normally easygoing husband bananas. Thank you SO much for sharing!

  3. I am headed to my pantry for the vinegar right now! I hate that funky smell and lately my whole bathroom has absorbed it. Blech!

  4. Thanks for the linky love!! We are funk free here too.

  5. Yup, I try to use vinegar when I remember. I should just wash all the towels togther this week like you. Great inspiration!

  6. I love using vinegar (for cleaning that is). I've never used it for washing towels though, so I'll definitely have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Vinegar is awesome. I use it in place of my fabric softener and it's great! We never have the funky smell or the vinegar smell, either. LOVE IT for SO MANY THINGS.

  8. Wow! That is a great idea! I hate that funky smell, especially in kitchen washclothes and towels. I am excited to try this! Thanks for sharing! (thanks to The Diaper Diaries too!)


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