Friday, June 6, 2008

10 Awesome Father’s Day Ideas - Part 3 of 5

As a continuation of the Father's Day Gift series, we will move forward and look at some great ideas for that manly man in your life.

5.) Electronics:
This category seems to be a hit with any man, as they are--lets face it--big boys who are often stuck with a Peter Pan syndrome. The big money ones are easy to think of, so I will try to help you with inexpensive variations!

--An Arm & A Leg: A GPS (to go with his beloved ride), a computer, a Bose home theater system, or satellite radio (including monthly subscription). An iPod or cell phone can possibly put you into this upper range easily to get all of the bells and whistles (which you know he'll want!).

--Just an Arm: Maybe a digital camera (these are getting cheaper by the week)--as I've been told that unless you're planning to print out 8 x 10 photos, you don't need any more than 6.0 MegaPixels. Look at just a memory card or stick for his camera or computer. A universal remote for all of the gadgets he already has could be a winner or possibly a cell phone or iPod charger or accessories.

--Barely a Fingertip: Take a camera walk using the camera you already have: tour some place special with a picnic lunch and a ball & glove or frisbee to entertain. Take plenty of photos. If you want to have them developed immediately, take to a 1-hour place and have a treat while you wait. Then put them together in an album to treasure that special Father's Day. Make a CD Photo Frame or a Denim MP3 Player holder. Put a Screensaver on his computer especially for him (make sure the site is safe to download from!). Create a free personal web page about why your dad is incredible and share it with him! You can use photos, quotes, poems, music, clipart or whatever you want...all for free!

6.) King of the Grill/Outdoors:
It must have something to do with being allowed to play with fire, but guys really seem to love their grills. It is a "manly" way to cook and a way to impress their friends with their ability to handle meat. And although many of them will not do flower gardens, they usually take pride in maintaining their yards and often get to ride around on big tractor-like lawn mowers to do so.

--Super Duper: There are those big name items--the megagrill, smoker, and riding mower. A hammock is a great gift, but can fall into this category if you get a top-of-the-line quality one.

--Super Still: A brander for his steaks (2 links there), BBQ sauce, tools for the grill, a grill cover, steaks, or a gift basket of stuff for his grilling abilities (combine many of the items listed here or in the next category).

--Super Saver: A gift basket of stuff from your own kitchen, a chef's apron--personalized, or your own blend of BBQ sauce. You can also find inexpensive grill gadgets if you look.

BONUS: New Dads/Dads-to-Be:
I wanted to take a moment and recognize those brand new dads or those who are soon going to join the ranks of parenthood. It's a scary time for them and they need to be recognized as well!

--Costly: A camera, camcorder and are all going to be a hit with the proud new papa. To show baby off in person, dad will like carriers and backpacks "for him." Or put together this great New Dad Kit for the hospital (can actually be in any price category depending on what you want to put in it and what he already owns!).

--Less Costly: A Dad's Tool Bag, a Daddy Belt (alternative to diaper bag), a helpful book or two (two links), this funny Diaper Master kit, engraved baseball bat to celebrate the occasion, or a Daddy's Burp Bib. Or you could contribute to the nursery in a way that will please dad with this baseball mobile (several teams available).

--Not at All Costly: A greeting and congrats from the White House (although this will not arrive by Father's Day, still a cool gift). Better than the above "Less Costly" items, put together your own Daddy belt (buy gardener's tool belt or carpenter's tool belt and add accessories).

Don't forget to join me again on Sunday (Saturday will be a weekly round-up) for Part 4 where we'll look at Sports and Clubs of the Month!

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