Monday, June 9, 2008

10 Awesome Father’s Day Ideas - Part 5 of 5

So, after today you are on your own to shop, but you can't say that you've gone away empty-handed after reading my series on Awesome Father's Day Ideas. Let's wrap it up...(I'm so punny!)

9.) Office Gear:
Most men define themselves by their professional or career standing, but certainly are proud of the family they are providing for. Why not let them grace their office (home or work) with signs of his family to inspire him while he works?

--Big Bucks: A Blackberry or iPhone might be to his liking. Or you can have his diploma framed or feature the school that he calls his Alma mater.

--Smaller Bucks: Frames to showcase his awards or certificates, photo frames of his family, a desk set (you can get any themed one you desire...just Google it) or organizer. If he works at home, you might invest in a paper shredder or professional stationery. You can get personalized cartoons (framed, note cards, mouse pads, etc), laser pointers, a personalized world-travel map, a unique desk clock, a talking email microphone (what?!), a business card scanner, a desk-top air conditioner (for the man who doesn't control his office thermostat!), a classic for desks--Newton's cradle, or a personalized career sign (love these). If he can have "toys" at work, try corporate flashcards, a golfers sand trap, a golf-tee paperclip holder, or a roll-top desk organizer (cool!).

--Few Bucks: If he works out of home, offer to organize his workspace for him (don't throw anything me). Buy him some business cards (or get them free). Have kids create a DAD photo frame, a personalized note cube (LOVE this idea!), a cute photo frame, a homemade paperweight (Love this one too!), a desk set, or a coffee mug. If you're buying, try out a stress ball, a personalized "Never Question" mug, a mini file cabinet for cards (like this too!), or a dartboard decision maker.

10.) The Ultimate Gift - TIME:
Whatever you do, spend time with him. Make sure he knows that he is appreciated. Write down those things you appreciate about him, have kids act out a play of their appreciation, take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant. Spend a day doing whatever he enjoys (concert, museum, sporting event, stroll in the park, grilling out with the family, time around the pool). Make sure he knows that he is the focus of the day and appreciated for being the family's provider and strength.

You can wrap your gifts in whatever you have, including frilly wrapping paper. However, if you want to make it a little more manly, you can certainly do that. Use newspaper, Kraft paper with twine tying it up or a duct tape bow, use sale papers from Home Depot or Lowe's, use flyers of his favorite places or schedules of his favorite teams. Make it themed with the present (for example, if you give him car washing supplies, put it in a bucket or wrap it in a drying cloth). Even put it in a brown paper bag with some cute note that makes him realize that it is done thoughtfully and not because you haven't taken it out of the bag you bought it in.

If he's a musician, wrap it in staff paper; if he's an engineer, wrap it in drafting paper. Just make it personal and creative. He'll love the thought you put into it.

Now, you have less than a week to finish shopping, so get out of here and go get/make him something!

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  1. I've been thinking for days what to get my dad for Father's Day. Thanks to your post I think I know what I'm going to get him. His desk at home is always a disaster and a lot of it comes for unnecessary paper which could be disposed of safely and quickly with a paper shredder.

  2. Hooray for you, Justin! I'm so glad I could help and I am very appreicative of your comment--it makes my suggestions seem worthwhile that they actually help!