Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WFMW - Baby Bath Aid

So with the arrival of a new litlte one, I now get the opportunity to be creative with baby care again. I've got one to share with you that I just discovered about 2 weeks ago!

You know that "personal care" squeeze bottle that you use at the hospital after a natural delivery of a baby? (you might use it after a c-section as well...I can't personal speak from experience) Of course they send that home with you for continued care.

Well, after you are done with it, it makes the perfect means of rinsing off baby during bath time. avoid pouring large quantities of water across little baby, the squirt bottle allows better control of the location and amount of water that you use to rinse off the baby. Makes for a perfect shampoo rinsing agent.

So that's my latest brilliant idea.

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