Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping the Kids Hydrated

Today's tip from me for Works for Me Wednesday is a tool that we use here around summer since it gets SO hot in southeast Georgia.
We bought some (generic) Pedialyte popsicles several months ago when Patrick had a stomach virus and we were concerned that he would get dehydrated. Of course we did not go through the entire box in the three days that he was sick, so we had some leftovers.
Enter brilliant idea: Patrick is a hot, sweaty boy. He plays hard and often I wonder if he is keeping cool. He's really good about drinking water when he's hot, but I still worry...that's what moms do, right? Well, we decided to give it a go with those "Pedialyte" popsicles and he LOVES them! They are cool, fruity and refreshing and best yet...full of electrolytes and no sugar, so we don't have to worry about sugaring him up. They work great!
Yes, regular popsicles are great for cooling off, but if you're concerned about dehydration, these are a great snack!
That's what Works for Me. Go check out what works for others over at Rocks in My Dryer!


  1. ooo...good tip! I'm constantly worried about my sweaty child getting dehydrated too!

  2. What a great idea! It sounds waaaaaaaaaay better than a regular popsicle!

  3. Hello, I came in from WFMW and was browsing your site and saw this post. My doctor told me that Pedialyte, Gatorade, etc. aren't worth the cost and artificial additives because "electrolytes" are just salt and sugar. Surely it would be more frugal to make your own popsicles! Click my name for tips on homemade electrolyte replenisher. I haven't tried freezing it; I think it might settle before freezing, but if you first heat it to melt the salt and sugar crystals then that wouldn't happen.