Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Saving Water--Works for Me!

I frequently read people's blogs who are participating in various carnivals, including Works for Me Wednesdays at Rocks in My Dryer. I have never participated until today, but I had an epiphany of sorts this past weekend and although it is very simplistic, I had never thought of it! I am assuming that if I have never thought of it, some of you might not have either, so I'm sharing. If this is obvious to you, please don't count me as dumb. =)

This weekend I was prepping to shave my legs. I don't like doing it in the shower because the shower is not conducive to this activity (it's big enough to shower in upright, but bending and posing to shave--not so much). Since it is not really large enough for this, not only is it uncomfortable, but I end up taking much longer showers than normal, thus wasting more water. I love bubble baths for relaxing, but don't want to use all of the water those require in order to shave every time the need arises (not to mention that it is completely gross to sit in that mess--not at all in theme with "relaxation" for my tub-time). So I typically shave by propping my leg up over the bowl of the sink and proceeding (is this getting too personal? sorry). This still wastes water because I have always left the water running for rinsing off the razor.

Here's my brilliant idea--I filled the bowl of the sink up about 1/3-1/2 full (it would depend on the size of your sink) with the stopper closed. Voila'! Now I have water that I can rinse my razor in, but I actually have less water in there than if I left it running continually. Does this seem weird/gross? Kinda' looks that way, but it is just shaving cream and shavings in there, which rinse nicely down. After I'm finished, I rinse and dry off the razor (it stays sharp longer if you don't air dry it) and put away.

So am I a complete idiot for never realizing this before now?

I need to lose weight


  1. Hilarious! I'm literally laughing out loud! The sad thing is we both must be idiots, because I really never thought about that either! Its such a great idea! Its true it wastes ALOT of water if you do it in the shower and there is something gross about shaving in a tub your sitting in.... I now have a new method of shaving, thanks to you!

    Tasha @ Comical Coupon Cents

  2. Yes...very gross in the bath as well--I'll add that into the blog! Thanks!

  3. Or to really save water, you could just stop shaving altogether ...

    *ducks to avoid tomatoes*

  4. I really don't think to stop shaving would resolve the water issue, as I would then have to take the time to shampoo my legs. (Yeah...probably too gross, but I couldn't resist.)

  5. Um, she can't.


  6. One of my dd's teenage friends gave us this recommendation: instead of using shaving cream, try hair condition. It softens your skin while you're shaving your legs. We thought it was a neat idea and gave it a try. Now no more dry skin after shaving!