Monday, May 17, 2010

8 Places to Clean that Might Escape You

  1. Under the lip of your shower door—I found out the hard way that the lip of our glass shower door gets the most disgusting collection of grime from hard water. It will make you gag if you let it get away from you…trust me.
  2. Under the lip of your counter tops—This one I discovered when I grabbed the edge of our countertops and felt texture. We have solid-surface countertops…there should be no texture.
  3. Under the lip of the table where your child sits—The owners of sticky, dirty, grimy hands often use the underside of the table to pull themselves up in the chair, pull themselves closer to the table or just as a napkin (because picking up the one on TOP of the table makes no sense).
  4. Aerator of your faucet—This is the part where the water sprays out. It can be gross with hard water, lime, calcium and other build up. Your water is sliding by it all while it is being dispensed. Clean it and you will have not only cleaner water, but possibly more since these can clog the holes!
  5. Inside ice dispenser—Also another (un)fortunate accidental find of mine. If you have an ice dispenser on your fridge, open the freezer door. You see that little chute that the ice rides down before it falls into your glass? There is a little door at the bottom of that chute that keeps the cold inside the freezer while ice is not using it as an exit. Reach inside that chute and push that little door open. Look at the seal on it. If you’ve never done this before, my bet is that it is black. Blech.
  6. In the folds of the seal of your refrigerator—This one is similar to #5 in location/purpose, but not a gross find of mine. My mom used to clean this one. Open the refrigerator and freezer doors (not at the same time…were you born in a barn?!) and clean INSIDE the folds of the door seals. It can be gross, but you can feel better about yourself once you’ve done it.
  7. Dish washer door—There are actually two areas that need your attention here. Firstly, open your dishwasher slightly. Now, look at the top of the inside of the appliance. It is probably gross. However, you may have already spotted this one on your own and therefore clean it regularly. Here’s another one. Continue opening the dishwasher door until it is all the way open…as in parallel to the floor. Look in the “hinged” area at the bottom of the door. Most dishwashers gather moisture here, but when the door is closed, they are shaped in such a way that the soap and fresh water does not wash here. Final result? Grossness.
  8. Base of your toilet—This is mostly true if you have males that live anywhere in your house. I was not aware until I was married that men seem to…how should I say…spray more than I realized (since my mom never let this be a problem when I was growing up). So even your best Robin Hood of an aimer cannot avoid getting a bit on the base of the toilet and on the floor around it (which is why I neither understand carpet in a bathroom or those little rugs that fit around the base of a toilet).

Yes it's gross...but what's worse: reading about it here or it residing in your home?

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